What's this?
In order to make the plugin as configurable as possible, the plugin is equipped with a custom scripting system that is very easy to understand and intuitive. Indeed, the nexus has a sequence of actions to perform, each second an action is performed.

Here are some sample scripts:

attack players in a radius of 8 blocks with 'Drainlife' and property 'heart' = 2, 'heartToHealth' = 5
The nexus will simply cast the spell "DrainLife" which consists in draining the life of a player in a radius of 8 blocks, each spell has properties, in this case, this spell has 2 of them.
  • heart ⇨ Amount of heart that the nexus will drain from the player.
  • heartToHealth ⇨ The amount of life each heart will give to the nexus.
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