To add an action in the phase of a nexus you have to execute the following command:
/nexus phase <nexus> action add <phase>
Once the command is executed, you will be in action creation mode, you just have to write your script in the chat.
If your script is too big for your chat, you can simply put at the end "|" to not validate the script.
You can also quit the action creation mode by writing "cancel" in the chat or re-run the command.
At the moment, there are three types of actions: Wait Action, Defend Action and Attack Action.

Wait Action:

As you know, the nexus performs actions every second. Well with this action you can make the nexus perform the next action after a few seconds.
You simply have to follow this syntax:
wait X second(s)

Defend Action:

This action allows you to cast a defense spell following this syntax:
defend nexus with 'Susanoo'
You can also use double quotes to specify a character string.
You can also add properties by following this syntax:
defend nexus with 'Susanoo' and property 'duration' = 20, 'test' = 2

Attack Action:

The attack action is a bit more complex than the defense action because you can specify several targeting parameters.
attack [the %COUNT%] [nearest | furthest] players [in a radius of X blocks] with 'Drainlife' [and property 'heart' = 2, 'heartToHealth' = 5]
[ ] = Optional Parameters
| = OR
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